Hey all,

I'm drawing blanks on my first chapter of differential equations. I actually deal with anxiety disorders from traumatic stuff that happened in math class way back when, and when I end up not doing well in several sections in a row, it triggers my anxiety which causes me to perform more poorly. At this point, I'm frozen. I have a quiz tomorrow - I expect a D or worse. I need someone to help me unfreeze and then pick up the information that's just been bouncing off of me.

What I think will work is having someone (or a few people) spend a few hours with me over the next few days, working through problems from a few different sections, where I can pause them and ask them for a more detailed explanation when I need it, and then have them watch me work a problem or two and tell me when I start to mess up.

I have a drawing tablet so that I can show a feed of my computer screen while I write on my drawing tablet, but I also think this might be a good time for me to learn LaTex. I'm a big believer in seeing that other people have access to education, so any help I get will be played forward. Additionally, I'd love it if anything I/we did while tutoring this was published on Youtube or elsewhere so that other students using this curriculum are able to access it!

Is anyone willing to help me do this?