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    Question Maximum Principle

    The maximum principle for harmonic functions asserts:
    Let u \in C^2(U) \cap C(\bar{U}) be harmonic in U \subset \mathbb{R}^n.
    1) (Weak maximum principle)

    \max_{\bar{U}}u=\max_{\partial U}u;

    2) (Strong maximum principle)

    If U is connected and there exists a point x_0 \in U such that


    then u=const in U.

    I wonder if I got this right. The weak principle means that the maximal value on \bar{U} of a harmonic function is necessarily attained in a boundary point, i.e. there are no solely interior points which give maximal values for a harmonic function. Although it may be that there are points x \in \partial U and y \in U such that


    in which case the shape of U may cause the function to be constant (i.e. in case U is connected and so 2) holds); but if U is any open set nothing specific is known about u, i.e. it may rather be non-constant.

    I wonder why the conclusion of the strong version holds just for U and not for \bar{U}. I mean 1) holds anyway and u \in C(\bar{U}). Doesn't this, together with 2), imply that u is constant on the boundary? The proof of the strong version, however, works only with U, so that it's no big deal to accept it as it is.
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