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Thread: improved euler

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    Dec 2012

    improved euler

    I have 2e^-1y-0.2x , i have solved the equation and have also used Eulers method to calculate the values, I'm getting good results with minimum errors,
    problem is when I use an improved Eulers recursive scheme my numbers are way off, and I'm led to believe that the improved method should be closest to the Real Solution.....

    its obvious I'm applying the method incorrectly,
    h=step size
    Yn*= Eulers recursive

    say from first line i have......0.5h(2e^(-1)Xn -0.2Yn + 2e^(-1)Xn+1-0.2Yn*)

    suppose if I am right there its just algebra I'm messing up

    A helping hand would be much appreciated as to where i have gone wrong!
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    Sep 2012

    Re: improved euler

    Hey lagunalaguna.

    Do you have a reference to the actual scheme description (mathematically)? Is there a website or a wiki page or something that outlines this?

    Also are you doing this in MATLAB? If so do you have code?
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