Hello everyone,

I haven't learnt very much about differential equations in school so far, but I came accross one I must solve for a physics project. I tried looking at the guides here in the forum but at a glance I don't see how they apply to my equation, and learning all the different techniques is a lot of work. I really just need to see this equation solved with a good explanation.
I'm not sure if actual numbers for the constants are necessary to solve the equation, so I have included them too.

$\displaystyle c\frac{dy}{dx} = \frac{(Vcos(w x) )^2 }{a y + r} - f(b y + e) y^4$

$\displaystyle (0.002419) \frac{dy}{dx} = \frac{(170cos(377 x) )^2 }{0.0535 y - 10.61} - 4.75*10^{-12}(0.00014 y + 0.0102) y^4$

I would be very grateful if anyone would be so kind as to explain how to solve this.
I have Mathematica to solve any nasty integrations at the end, which I'm sure will pop up.

Thank you.