Hello Everybody.

I've starting to use Maple, so I have a couple of questions. In the last few days I have learned the basic of Maple, and now I would like to solve a differential equation.

The Math question is:

Enter the solution of differential equation:

http://www.studieportalen.dk/forums/Sho ... id=1122047

In the link from above, I have put in the information from the math question.
The first two rows is the system coefficient matrix.
The second is the the equation there is needed to solve this question.
The Third is the eigenvectors, there is given in the question.

I would like to solve this in Maple, but I don't know how to solve this question. I'm not specially good at math, but I'm learning So please be gentle with your answer, if anybody have the time to help me

I hope there is somebody out there, that can help me.

Best Regards