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Thread: Hemispherical water tank

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    Hemispherical water tank

    Consider an initially full hemispherical water tank of radius 4 ft, where the radius r of its circular bottom hole is now unknown. At 1 P.M. the bottom hole is opened and at 1:30 P.M. the depth of water in the tank is 2ft.

    (a) Use Torricelli's law in the form \frac{dV}{dt}=-(0.6)\pi r^2\sqrt{2gy} (taking constriction into account) to determine when the tank will be empty.

    (b) What is the radius of the bottom hole?

    My working:

    \pi(8y-y^2)\frac{dy}{dt}=-(0.6)\pi r^2\sqrt{2gy}









    r\approx 0.04442\ ft
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