ok im supposed to find the general solution of the differential equation on

im a little, well a lot stuck on this problem....

$\displaystyle 4x^{2}y''+4xy'+(4x^{2}-25)y$

i do remember getting it into form by dividing each term by $\displaystyle x^{2}$

so now the equation will look like this...

$\displaystyle y''+(\frac{1}{x})y'+(1-\frac{25}{4x^{2}})y=0$

ok so $\displaystyle n^{2}=\frac{25}{4}$

so the solution is:

$\displaystyle y=c_{1}J_{\frac{5}{2}}(x)+c_{2}J_{\frac{-5}{2}}(x)$

its not that straight forward is it? ok so let me know where im screwing up so i can try to fix it. thanks in advance.