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Thread: help with linear systems

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    Sep 2009

    help with linear systems

    i have a midterm on all this stuff on monday. the professor posted a practice exam without solutions, and i cant seem to remember how to do the first 2 problems.. id be soooooooooooooooooo appreciative if someone can walk me through them. heres the link to them, as im sure itll be easier to read than me posting them here.
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    Nov 2010
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    The problem is just routine knowing the corresponding theory. At any case, some hints:

    (a)\quad Y(t)=e^{tA}\begin{bmatrix}{c_1}\\{c_2}\end{bmatrix  }=\ldots

    (b)\quad A has a positive and a negative eigenvalue.

    (c)\quad Y(t)=e^{tA}\begin{bmatrix}{\;\;1}\\{-1}\end{bmatrix}=\ldots
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