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Thread: system of equations question

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    system of equations question 4b

    A is a 2X2 matrices which has continues complents on (0,1)
    suppose the vectors (\frac{t+1}{-1}) and  (\frac{1}{t-1})
    are they solutions of x'=Ax system

    solve dx/dt=Ax + (\frac{t^2}{t^3})
    (\frac{a b}{c d}) is just a way to describe a 2X2 matrix
    i know that
    x'=(\frac{a b}{c d})x
    \frac{1}{0}=(\frac{a b}{c d})\frac{t+1}{-1}<br />
    the same thing goes for the other solution but i dont know what to do next\?
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