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Thread: Differential Equations (first order)

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    Differential Equations (first order)

    I need to solve:

    1) (2x-y+5)*dy/dx + x -2y +3=0

    here, I made the derivative the subject then substituted to get rid of the constants... in the end I got
    (x+y+2)^3 = (y-x-8/3)/(k^2) where lnk= C (constant of integration)
    Is this right? a friend got (x-y+8/3)*k^2 on the right-hand side

    any help is much appreciated
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    I dont know what you mean- you might be making this more complicated than necessary.
    If you make the substition z=-x, then you have a differential equation of the form
    A(z,y) + B(z,y)dz/dy = 0
    where $\displaystyle A_y = B_z$ [not my favoured notation but Im not familiar with the BBcodething for partial derivatives: anyway it equals -2 in this example]
    this is a standard equation with solvable method described in good textbooks I guess .

    [ Simpler if you are not familiar with the above: y=-x+C is a solution by inspection, and you can work out C]
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