Could you please help me with part (i) and (ii) on this sheet

If y1; : : : ; yn are solutions to (1). How do i get solutions to (2) i.e solutions as vectors.

I know if y is solution to (1) then the corresponding solution for (2) is given the vector (y,y',y'',y''',......y^n-1)^T. I know Wronskian is given by:

$\displaystyle Wr(y_1,...,y_n)=det\left(\begin{array}{ccc}y_1&\cd ots&y_n\\y_1\prime&\cdots&y_n\prime\\\vdots&\vdots &\vdots\\y_1^{(n-1)}&\cdots&y_n^{(n-1)}\end{array}\right)$