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Thread: Stokes theorem

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    Aug 2009

    Stokes theorem

    Hi guys,

    i have this question on stokes theoremn but dont know if the answer is correct would be great if someone could verify it!!! (Π = pi)

    Let S be parametreised surface defined by

    (a,b) ---(sin(a)cos(b),Sin(a)Sin(b) ,cos(a) )

    where 0 ≤ a ≤ 2Π and 0≤ b ≤ Π/2
    verify stokes theorem for the surface S and the Field F defined by F=(3y,-2y,z^2)

    my answer is -3Π for both RHS and LHS of stokes theorem
    is this right???

    Thanks guys really appreciate it!
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