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Thread: Domain and Limits

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    Feb 2009

    Domain and Limits

    Given f(x) - 2csc2(pi)x find the domain and lim x->(1/2) -f(x)

    I know that it is going to come out something along the lines of Domain equals all real numbers except for (pi)/6 times an integer, but dont know the way to prove it out. The limit will be similar?


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    In this case, the book should really be asking for the maximal domain, since the domain of a function is not an intrinsic property (it is whatever you want it to be, as long as the function is defined).
    In that respect, you might use the fact that cosecant is defined as a fraction, and note that terms of the form 1/0 are not defined, and then point out for what values these terms would occur in the function.
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