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Thread: [SOLVED] Find x-coordinate of centroid

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    [SOLVED] Find x-coordinate of centroid


    Problem: Find x-coordinate of centroid of the solid spherical segment.

    Solution attempt:

    $\displaystyle dV=\pi\cdot r^{2} \cdot dx $

    I need to express $\displaystyle r$ in terms of $\displaystyle R \mbox{ and } x $ .

    I did, (and this part is probably wrong): $\displaystyle \frac{R}{R}=\frac{r}{\frac{R}{2}-x} \, \Rightarrow \, r = \frac{R}{2}-x $

    And for the moment arm I used $\displaystyle \frac{R}{2}+x$

    Then integrate from $\displaystyle \frac{R}{2} \mbox{ to } R $

    I have solved it now, and OMG did my first solution attempt suck, dont read it
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