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Thread: Continuity of a Curve

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    Continuity of a Curve

    I am really having a hard time understanding these concepts in multivariable calculus and just do not know where to begin.

    Here I am trying to find all the values of alpha > 0 such that the curve is continuous at the point (0,0). See the curve below...

    Any help on where to start or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    You have to show for which values of $\displaystyle \alpha$ the limit of $\displaystyle f$ as $\displaystyle (x,y)$ tends to $\displaystyle 0$ is worth $\displaystyle 1$.
    By the way I think there is a typo error. It shows "$\displaystyle xy=0, xy \neq 0$" while I believe it should be "$\displaystyle (x,y)=(0,0), (x,y)\neq (0,0)$" which is different.
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