Hey my question is about the trapizodial rule.

They give as a table (forget [], just used it to line up the lines):

[ x]|0|1|2| 3 | 4

now they tell us to use the trapezoidal rule to calculate an approx for f(x) between 1 and 4, using 4 sub intervals.

What I did was:

T4 = (b-a/8)(f(0)+f(4)+2(f(1)+f(2)+f(3))
T4 = (1/2)(1+27+2(0+2+10))
T4 = 52/2= 26

Now the model answears do this and get a diff answer, can you please tell me if i'm doing it wrong or the model answers are wrong.

T4 = (4-0/12)(f(0)+4f(0)+2f(2)+4f(3)+f(4)) = 1/3(1+27+4(0+10)+2(2))
T4= 24

Help please