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Thread: I need HELP

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    Unhappy I need HELP

    I just started calc I and have not had math in 5 yrs. I'm a little rusty. Here's my problem and how far I have gotten. I can't remember what to do next.

    f(x)= 1/x
    Simplify as much as possible: (f(x+h)-f(x))/h
    here's what i did next:
    (1/(x+h) - 1/x)/h

    This is where I got stuck. Any help would be appreciated!!

    Thanks, Missy
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    Why didn't you go on where you were? It was right.

    Just add the both terms above the fraction by finding the CD, then factorize and finally just simplify your result.
    Then you get:

    $\displaystyle $ \dfrac{- 1}{x(x + h)} $ $
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