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    Apr 2009
    Hey all, new here. This math problem is killing me, and I have to turn it in tomorrow, but I can't figure out the right answer:

    The marketing manager of a department store has determined that revenue, in dollars, is related to the number of units of television advertising x and the number of units advertising y by the function:
    R(x,y)= 250(6828x+2330y+10xy-2x^2)
    Each unit of television advertising costs $2300, and each unit of news paper advertising costs $800. If the advertising budget is $24100, find the max revenue.

    Im pretty sure the equation is:

    The section is "Lagrange Multipliers". I cant get a whole number answer. Heres what I'm doing:




    Thats as far as I can go before it gets sketchy. I know you need to solve for X or Y, then substitute into 2300x+800y-24100 and solve again for both x and y


    This problem is from a program that we have to do online, where you get 15 problems like this one, and you get 2 strikes. So i've been working on these 15 for like an hour and a half. This is problem number 15, and I have 2 strikes. So if I get this wrong, then I have to start over. And of course I dont know how to do this one... so i might be done for. Help me out guys! Thanks in advance
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