1.) Find the volume of the solid obtained by revolving the region enclosed between y=x^2 and y=2x about the Y-axis

For the revolution about the x-axis I know it is the pi times the integral of (4x^2)-(x^4) from 0 to 2

For the Y-axis can I do the same except from 0 to 4 or do I have to change both to the form x=? If I do, do I still use the washer method?

2.) The shaded region R is enclosed by the graphs of y=(tanx)^2, y=(1/2)(secx)^2, and the y-axis.
-Set up, but do not integrate, an integral expression in terms of a variable for the volume of the solid formed by revolving region R about the x-axis.

Do I use the washer method for this?