hi there
I have posted,also, at the Analysis and topology,but nobody answer me....
So I thought to post here as well...
If it is something that is not clear please let me know....

I have got this function g(x)=e^(-x)+x^2,unimodal on [0,1]
and I want to use dichotomous search to determine,within an interval of width at most 0.01 the minimum value of g.

I know that we use xnL=1/2(an+bn)-ε
and once we found and compare G(xnL)
we stop when |an-bn|<δ
I put ε=0.01 but I don't know what to put on δ...maybe 2ε?

or to put ε=0.001 and the width interval is δ=0.01.
Is the above correct??
I am a little bit confused...

Any suggest?
Thanks in advance