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Thread: I hate word problems

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    Nov 2006

    I hate word problems

    theres a rectangular box, where the material for the lid is 35 times more expensive per/m2 then the material for the rest of the box.The volume is 3m3. I need to find the dimentions for the minimum cost.

    I did a diagram. That's my speciality, but am stuck after that.(the blank page scares me).

    any aid would be terrific.
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    Jul 2006
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    Let x=length, y=width, z=heighth

    The volume is given by $\displaystyle xyz=3$

    The dimensions:



    sides: 2xz

    ends: 2yz

    Cost for all but top=c(xy+2yz+2xz)

    Cost for top=35c(xy)

    Total cost=35c(xy)+c(xy+2yz+2xz)

    Does this get you started?.
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