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Thread: Different ways of calculating pi

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    Just to remind you, my method uses extremely simple geometry to create pi, in fact, it only uses the pythagorean theorum
    Quote Originally Posted by TriKri View Post
    I dont get this ... as far as I can see, you calculate $\displaystyle y'$ from the equation $\displaystyle y = \sqrt{1-x^2}$, to put an integral on $\displaystyle y'$, to get ... pi? How is that...

    Isn't it simpler just integrating $\displaystyle y$ directly:

    $\displaystyle \sum_{a=0}^n \frac{\sqrt{1-\left(\displaystyle\frac{a}{n}\right)^2}}{n}\ =\ \frac{1}{n}\sum_{a=0}^n \sqrt{\frac{n^2-a^2}{n^2}}\ = \ \frac{1}{n^2}\sum_{a=0}^n \sqrt{n^2-a^2}$
    Just for your information, I'm currently in "freshman geometry" in high-school, I haven't reached calculus
    (I must have fooled you )

    And one thing I spoted is that you set $\displaystyle \Delta y = \sqrt{\Delta y^2}$, that's equal to $\displaystyle |\Delta y|$ for real numbers $\displaystyle \Delta y$.
    The way I set up the problem, $\displaystyle \Delta y$ is always negative. However, since the pythagorean theorum uses $\displaystyle \Delta y^2$ I decided it didn't matter
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