Ordinarily, I have no problem with applying the Mean Value Theorem. However, I really can't figure out how to solve this:

"Graph the following points: (0,0) (10, .65) (20, .88) (30, 1.11) (40, 1.28) (50, 1.38) and (60, 1.56)

Use the X scale one box = 2 and the Y scale one box = .05

Analyze the graph and find the slope of the secant line on the closed interval [10,50]. Using the MVT find the point where the tangent is parallel to the secant. Find the equation (in slope intercept form) of the secant and tangent line."

Hopefully I just overlooked something, but I really don't see how to solve this. I found the equation of the secant line, but I'm clueless as to how I can mathematically find the point of tangency. Help will be greatly appreciated.