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Thread: Help with integration

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    Sep 2008

    Help with integration

    Ok, so I have a general question about integrals that I hope someone can help me understand through a specific question. One of the problems that I am working on is to evaluate the following integral:

    $\displaystyle \frac{q}{2a} \cdot \int_{-a}^a \frac{dx}{(r^2-2rx+a^2)^{1/2}}$

    where q>0.

    The problem asks me to evalaute the integral for two cases: (1) when 0 is less than or equal to r is less than or equal to a and (2) when r > a. I just get that the integral's solution is q/r. How will the relative sizes of r and a be important? Thanks!
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    Feb 2008
    Not sure about the inequalities, since evaluating the integral with the constants a and r, will be the same in both cases, since we need not know their values to manipulate them algebraically. Also I got the integral to be q/2r.
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