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Thread: Double Pendulum Nightmare

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    Aug 2008

    Question Double Pendulum Nightmare

    Hi all >> see attached images of pendulum and 2nd order model

    Currently working on a problem, creating a model for a double pendulum system, we have been given the initial non-linear system of 2x 2nd order equations which have to simplified to 4x 1st order non linear equations; I know the basic theory and know that I can simplify the equations by compacting the variables and going from there

    ie. representing them as,

    aO1'' + bO2'' + c = 0
    dO1'' + eO2'' + f =0

    when O1'' = 2nd derivative of phi/ angular acceleration

    just a bit lost in how to reproduce the final equations?

    The equations are crazy but the theory should be basically the same, would appreciate any ideas......
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    Aug 2008
    I'd write:

    $\displaystyle y=\dot{\phi_1}$

    $\displaystyle z=\dot{\phi_2}$

    $\displaystyle k_1y'+k_2\cos(\phi_1-\phi_2)z'+k_2\sin(\phi_1-\phi_2)z^2+k_3\frac{g}{l}\sin(\phi_1)=0$

    $\displaystyle k_2\cos(\phi_1-\phi_2)y'+k_5 z'-k_2\sin(\phi_1-\phi_2)y^2+k_2 g\sin(\phi_2)=0$

    may want to double check that. Then assign all the $\displaystyle k's$ and then solve it numerically for $\displaystyle y,z,\phi_1,\phi_2$: it's cake using Mathematica's $\displaystyle \text{NDSolve}$ (I think).
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