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Thread: as time tends to infinity basic confusion!!!

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    Mar 2008

    as time tends to infinity basic confusion!!!

    I dont think this answer bares any relevance to he situaton, M is mass t is time and k = 25root2

    have condition M = kt/(1+t^2)^0.5

    the answer as t tends to infinty is that M tends to k.

    I have tried cancelling t's and this doesnt for me but i can only come to the conclusion that its alot bigger or smaller than that,, whats the relevance of 1 aswell.
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    Dec 2007
    The question is asking for \lim_{t\to\infty}\frac{k t}{\sqrt{1+t^2}}.

    \lim_{t\to\infty}\frac{k \sqrt{t^2}}{\sqrt{1+t^2}}


    k\cdot\lim_{t\to\infty}\underbrace{\sqrt{\frac{t^2  }{t^2+1}}}_{\text{This limit is 1}}

    k\cdot 1 = \boxed{~k~}

    There are lots of methods to find \lim_{t\to\infty}\sqrt{\frac{t^2}{t^2+1}}. You can use comparison of degrees and coefficients, L'hopital's rule, simplifying the limit etc.

    Let I = \lim_{t\to\infty}\sqrt{\frac{t^2}{t^2+1}}.

    I\cdot I = \lim_{t\to\infty}\sqrt{\frac{t^2}{t^2+1}}\cdot\lim  _{t\to\infty}\sqrt{\frac{t^2}{t^2+1}}

    I^2 = \lim_{t\to\infty}\sqrt{\frac{t^2}{t^2+1}}\cdot\sqr  t{\frac{t^2}{t^2+1}}

    I^2 = \lim_{t\to\infty}\frac{t^2}{t^2+1}

    In t^2 + 1, t^2 will grow much faster than 1 and will make 1 meaningless. So we can cross it out:

    \lim_{t\to\infty}\frac{t^2}{t^2+\not 1} = \frac{t^2}{t^2} = 1

    So I^2 = 1 and I=1.
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