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Thread: I m taking calc 2 (topics covered)

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    Apr 2008

    I m taking calc 2 (topics covered)

    hi, i am taking calculus 2 during the fall semester (its engineering calc, none of that easier business calc stuff).. to be prepared for it, this summer i d rather look over everything we are gonna talk about in calc2.. that way, we it comes time to learn the stuff, the stuff would of have already been cooking in my head for sometime, and i could do fairly well that way since i ve already understood the concepts and not have only say 2 weeks to prepare for a exam...

    so basically i m looking for a few people to tell me everything they know must be covered in calc two.. Cause i will study exactly what u tell me.. i use the James Stewart Calculus book if that is anyhelp guys

    thanks in advanced.
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    Here are some topics listed here by elizsimca at her/his university.

    Here are some course notes provided by someone at Lamar University. You can take a look over it to get a good overview of what is covered in Calc II: Paul's Online Notes: Calculus II
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