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Thread: Differential Equations!!

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    Nov 2007

    Differential Equations!!

    Suppose a particular jet needs to attain a speed of 220 mph to take off. If it can accelerate from 0 to 220 mph in 30 seconds, how long must the runway be? Assume constant acceleration. Note: 1 mph = 22/15 ft/sec.

    need help mainly with how to set this one up and i think from there i could figure out the rest, thanks
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    Mar 2008
    From now stop asking me where is malaysia...
    you are given:
    initial speed, u = 0
    final speed, v = 220
    acceleration = (v-u)/t ===> t= time taken for the plane to reach final velocity(in hours)

    then you use the formula:
    displacement, s = u.t + (1/2).a.t^2
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