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Thread: x-y coordinates in new x-y coordinates

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    x-y coordinates in new x-y coordinates

    When I change the x-axis and y-axis of Cartesian System by change the angle from 90 to other angle is there:
    (1) Loss information of the figure in the Cartesian System?
    (2) link to web page that have computer program that do it?
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    Re: x-y coordinates in new x-y coordinates

    Hopefully you found the answer to your question already.

    I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but here's how you change coordinates in the plane. I don't know if there's a website or a program on the web to do it for you. The process is pretty simple.

    If the points $(1,0)$ and $(0,1)$ in the new coordinates correspond to $(a,b)$ and $(c,d)$ in the old coordinates, then to convert $(x,y)$ to the new coordinates, you have to solve:

    $x = ax_n+cy_n$
    $y = bx_n+dy_n$

    and then $(x_n,y_n)$ is the location in the new coordinates. You will not find a unique solution if $ad-bc$ is zero - this corresponds to the case where one of $(a,b)$ and $(c,d)$ is a multiple of the other.

    - Hollywood
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