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Thread: Green's Theorm

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    Apr 2006

    Green's Theorm

    Does anyone know the proof for Green's theorm over a rectangle?
    Thanks for any help
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    Let the rectangle Rbe a\leq x\leq b, \ c\leq y\leq d. Name the segments (b,y), \ (a,y), \ c\leq y\leq d as \gamma, \delta. Then for P,Q differentiable on a domain containing R,

    \int\int_R \frac{\partial Q}{\partial x}dxdy=\int_c^d \bigg( \int_a^b \frac{\partial Q}{\partial x} dx \bigg)dy

    which becomes

    \int_c^d Q(b,y)dy-\int_c^d Q(a,y)dy=\int_{\gamma}Qdy+\int_{\delta}Qdy

    and since dx=0 on these, the last equation is equal to


    Proceed similarly for \frac{\partial P}{\partial y}, noticing that dy=0 on the remaining two segments.
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