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Thread: Trapezoidal, Midpoint, Simpson's Part II. Am I correct?

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    Dec 2012

    Trapezoidal, Midpoint, Simpson's Part II. Am I correct?

    Use the Trapezoidal Rule, the Midpoint Rule, and Simpson's Rule to approximate the given integral with the specified value of n. (Round your answers to six decimal places.) In radians.
    6 sin x2 dx, n =4

    T= (1/16) [6sin(0)+2*6sin((1/8)^2)+2*6sin((1/4)^2)+2*6sin((3/8)^2)+6sin((1/2)^2)]
    =.343469 (marked wrong)

    EDIT: I forgot to square the last term. My answer is: .256461

    M= (1/8)[6sin((1/16)^2)+6sin((3/16)^2)+6sin((5/16)^2)+6sin((7/16)^2)]
    =.245097 marked correct

    =.248867 marked correct

    Is my work correct? Anyone know of an online program/calculator that would give me radians if I plug this in? I dont have a radian calculator since we don't use calculators during tests...

    edit: I used wolfram alpha to calculate the radians. Part 1 (Trapezoidal) was marked incorrect.
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