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Thread: Midterm help, ASAP

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    Midterm help, ASAP

    Hi, I have a midterm tomorrow and I'm having some troubles with differentiation.

    How do I differentiate the following?

    a) y=x^2ln (sqrt of x)

    b) y= 1-2x)^2/(3x+1)^3

    And also, how can I simplify and then differentiate this equation:


    Thanks in advance!
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    Jan 2009

    Re: Midterm help, ASAP

    For (a), apply the product rule and then apply the chain rule
    (b) apply the quotient rule (special case of the product rule) and then apply the chain rule

    I'm not sure if you mean e^{0.02}x or e^{0.02x} but recall \frac{a^b}{a^c} = a^{b-c} and if there is a typo
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