I am trying to get a youtube channel going where I am posting video responses to calculus questions. If you guys have any questions you want help with please feel free to go to my youtube channel Mathvideoguy - YouTube and ask the question as a comment to one of the videos. I will try to have a video response to most questions within one day. I also intend to help here as well. I like the video format since it seems as though many people prefer a more visual explanation and then once it's up, other people with the same sort of questions will be able to access it. In a forum, sometimes the same questions tend to appear and the old posts sometimes disappear into the ether.

In terms of my background, I've studied math & statistics at the graduate level and taught at a college level and am familiar with many different fields of math. So feel free to ask anything and if I can answer your question I will. This is posted in calculus forum because I don't want to spam the forum and most of my help videos are currently for calculus.

By going to my channel and posting a comment, not only would you be getting a video answer to your question but you will also be helping encourage me post more videos and help other people. A few months ago I went and posted a bunch of videos but I get almost no traffic or comments so it isn't very motivating if you feel like no one is listening or is being helped.

Happy Learning!

Marc aka Mathvideoguy