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Thread: Velocity

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    v(t)=0.01t^4 - 0.04t^3 t>or equal to 0 where t is time (seconds) and v is velocity (ft/s)

    a) Find velocity at time t.
    b) What is velocity after 3 s?
    c) When is the particle at rest?
    d) When is the particle moving in the positive direction?
    e) Find the total distance traveled in the first 8 s.
    f) Draw diagram to illustrate the motion of the particle.
    g) Find the acceleration at time t and after 3 s.
    h) Graph the position, velocity, and acceleration functions for 0 <or equal t <or equal 8
    i) When is the particle speeding up? When is it slowing down?

    Please explain step by step along with the answer, thank you.
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    Re: Velocity

    a) You are given $\displaystyle v(t)$, so I don't understand being asked to state a given.

    b) Evaluate $\displaystyle v(3)$.

    c) Equate $\displaystyle v(t)=0$ and solve for $\displaystyle t$.

    What you have posted your work for these, we will move on to the next.
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