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Thread: calculus and probability help

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    May 2012

    calculus and probability help

    the question is:

    the chance that a certain species of plant survives frost is 4 in 5. If three of these plants are selected at random, what is the probability that
    i) none of the plants survive
    ii)exactly two pplants survive

    im not sure how im supposed to work it out and give my answer.

    Also, another question is:
    on a three wheel poker machine, there are 20 symbols one each wheel. There are five aces on the first wheel, one ace of the second wheel, and three aces on the third wheel. what is the probability that:
    i) 3 aces will show across the centre line
    ii) at least one ace will show on the centre line

    Please help and explain. Thank you
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    Mar 2012
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    Re: calculus and probability help

    Just to get you started. P (1 plant not surviving)= 1/5) So 3 not surviving P=(1/5)^3
    Exactly 2 out of 3 surviving means SSN or SNS or NSS Each one of these Ps = (4/5)^2*(1/5) So when you add them you get 3*(4/5)^2*(1/5)
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