It has been found through the series of experiments that voltage V at the semiconductor diode is related to the charge Q at the diode by the formula V(Q) = V0 (100.434Q/Q0 1), where Q0 and V0 are some constant reference values measured in Coulombs and Volts, correspondingly.
(a) Find the ratio of V/V0 when the charge Q is 10% greater than Q0. Round off your answer to one decimal place.

(b) Which charge (in Coulombs) on the diode is when the voltage is 0 Volts? Present your answer with one decimal place.

(c) Assuming that V0 = 0.001 V, find what is the voltage in the diode when its charge is 10 times greater than the reference charge Q0. Round off your answer to three decimal places.