Hi hi,

I'm thinking about taking Calc I, Phy I and Phy I with Calc I applications over the summer. I'm studying to be a Chemical Eng with a concentration of Biotechnology/biochemistry. This fall I plan on taking Intro to Chem Eng, Org Chem, and (Applications of molecular techniques, or molecular biology or biochemistry) and Calc, Phy and the Physics w/ calc apps (I or II variant on what I do this summer). I will eventually have to end up taking up to Calc III and Physics III.

After that history, my question is ~ taking summer classes is a shortened semester from 10 or 12 wks instead of 15 wks. I know it's gonna be harder and etc, but is it worth taking over the summer and getting them done in the shorter amount of time, or is it more practical to take them during the full semesters ~ spring and fall?

Thanks for any advice