Hi all,This is my first post here. I've never had to post anything on a forum before, coz usually someone else had the same problem before me...Well it appears I've finally encountered a novel one, at least for me. I am researching wake aerodynamics, lots of lovely mathematical relations. Long story short, I have to evaluate the following integral (analytically not numerically of course):Elliptic integrals-1.pngwhere Elliptic integrals-2.pngI've used elliptic integrals to an extent before, but I'm stuck with this. I tried breaking it down by parts thinking I the denominator is a special case of the complete elliptic integral of the third kind, but I guess my calculus is a bit rusty. The paper where this comes from, states that this function is 'easily reducible, for all values of p, in terms of the complete elliptic integrals of the first and second kind'. So it should possible. Any ideas?Thanks for your helpDaniel