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Thread: Limit of a function

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    Sep 2011

    Limit of a function

    Some questions concerning limits.

    How do I sketch a graph when I'm given limit info, for example this
    lim f =2(as x approaches 0^-)
    lim f =0(as x approaches 4^+)
    lim f =0(as x approaches 0^+)
    lim f =3 ( as x approaches 4^-)

    I have some vague idea how to do it, but my sketches do not seem like graphs.

    Prove that lim sqrt(x)*e^(sin(pi:x)) =0(as x approaches 0^+)
    no idea where to start this, I could graph is on graphing calculator but that is worthless, i cannot use limit laws as e^sin(pi/x) doesnt exist as you cant divide by zero.

    Suppose that
    if |X|<1 and
    if |x|>1
    find value of limits
    lim f(x) as x approaches -1
    lim f(x) as x approaches 0
    lim f(x) as x approaches 1

    no clue about that one

    Last one I just wanna make sure I did right,
    is there a number c such that
    lim ((2x^2+cx-4c)/(x^2+x-6)) (as x approaches 2) exists?
    If so find value of c and calculate limit
    what i did is a bit of guessing
    factor x^2+x-6
    now this is where guessing comes in
    so D must be a sqrt of something otherwise i cant see it being factored
    let c=4 then D=144 then
    x-2 is canceled, therefore
    rest is obvious.
    Forgive me for my wall of text and my poor understanding of math, any help is appreciated!
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    Aug 2006

    Re: Limit of a function

    I wonder if anyone can read this post?
    It is totally unreadable as far as I can see.
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