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Thread: cross product on undefined to components vector

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    cross product on undivided to components vector

    the question asks to find the ratio between E0 and B0 and the ratio between w and k

    E and B are on the x-y plane
    they are given as verctors without any components dividing
    no x direction part,y direction part,z direction part

    so when when i use the maxwell equations
    $\displaystyle \nabla\times E=-\frac{{dB}}{dt}$
    $\displaystyle \nabla\times B=\mu_{0}\varepsilon_{0}\frac{dE}{dt}$

    i cant do the cross product of B or E
    because i dont know what to put in the tererminant whch is calculating the cross product

    i tried to make some components by my self
    but i get so many variables
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