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Thread: stocks integral

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    stocks integral

     <br />
_{c}\oint F*dr=_{\sigma}\iint(curlF)nds<br />
     <br />
_{\sigma}<br />
is a part of a paraboloid z=4-x^2-y^2 where z>=0
    on the x-y plane our paraboloid is 4=x^2+y^2
    and the parametric view of it is:
    x=2cost y=2sint z=0

    so we get
     <br />
_{c}\oint F*dr= (2z)dx+(3x)dy+(5y)dz<br />

    i cant understand the next step  <br /> <br />
_{c}\oint F*dr= (2z)dx+(3x)dy+(5y)dz=\intop_{0}^{2\pi}[0+(6cost)(2cost)+0]dt<br />
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