Hey guys,
I'm a student in school doing AS maths by cambridge.
I'd like to do A level maths (normal) + A level further maths next year.
To do so I'd have to study over the summer.

My question is that if I study calculus 1 and 2 from a university calculus book would this cover the topics of A level maths and further maths?
Or would it be better to just study the topics directly on the syllabus instead?
I don't want to learn things that I won't be using next year.
Here is the syllabus for A level further:
Calculus 1 2 and 3-9231_y11_sy.pdf

Syllabus for A level:
http://www.cie.org.uk/docs/dynamic/31208.pdf (couldn't attach it for some reason)

I'm doing P1 now,
Please check the pure maths sections only.