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Thread: Topics on a cheat sheet

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    Topics on a cheat sheet

    To study for my semester final for calc bc, which will be an ab practice exam, I'm making a little cheat sheet with all the major rules and stuff to help me study and remember everything. I just want to ask you guys if there's anything you would suggest me adding to the list or if I'm missing something. Note also that it may seem redundant to put some things on the list, such as the quotient rule or product rule which are so simple, but I plan to make photocopies and give them to calc ab kids who I tutor. So, how does my list look so far?

    Differential Calculus
    Product/Quotient Rule
    Chain Rule
    Exponential Function Derivatives
    ln u
    log base a u
    Trig/arcTrig function Derivatives
    Linearization Algorithm
    Mean Value Theorem
    Newton's Method of appox. zeros

    Integral calculus
    Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
    Average/Mean Value Rule
    Max/Min Rule
    Simpson's Rule
    Trapezoid Evaluation of integrals
    LRAM, MRAM, RRAM rules (e.g. when it's an overestimate, underestimate, etc.)
    Common Antiderivatives
    (A few trig functions, ln x, 1/x, etc)
    Tabulation example
    methods of integrating by parts

    Should I add anything else?


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    In my view, a "Cheat Sheet" is simply a listing of things you don't actually know. Just as a matter of personal respect, I would want an empty cheat sheet.
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    off the top of my head, add ...

    relationships between f, f' , and f'' (graphs)

    implicit derivatives, related rates, and optimization examples.

    accumulation functions

    slope fields, separable DE's

    fyi, Newton's method and integration by parts is not on the AB exam anymore.

    ... and, maybe you should just call it a "study" sheet.
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