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Thread: expression for time?

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    expression for time?

    The rate of reaction of an irreversible second order bimolecular reaction of species
    A and B can be written as:

    $\displaystyle -ra = C_{A0} \frac{dX_{A}}{dt} = k(C_{A0} - C_{A0}X_{A})(C_{B0} - C_{A0}X_{A}) $

    where $\displaystyle C_{A0} $ and $\displaystyle C_{B0} $ represent the initial concentration of reactants A and B respectively, k is the reaction rate constant and $\displaystyle X_{A} $ is the conversion of the limiting reactant A.

    Find an expression for the conversion of A $\displaystyle (X_{A}) $ in terms of time for the above reaction.

    I thought of simply rearranging the formula to get it in terms of dxa/dt, since this is the change of the concentration of the reactant A with respect to time, however it is not the correct answer. Can someone please explain how to start this? I dont understand what I am being asked to do?

    Thank you.
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    Sep 2008
    can someone tell me what is the integral of $\displaystyle \int \frac{dX_{A}}{dt} $ ? Does that give me 'time' ?
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