It seems that I'm a little bit lost about this exercise. It says: Find the taylors polynomial of third degree centered at the origin for z=\cos y \sin x. Estimate the error for: \Delta x=-0.15,\Delta y=0.2.

So, I did the first part (the easy one), the taylors polynomial for z at (0,0) looks like this:


Then I've found the expression for the error:
R_4=\displaystyle\frac{1}{4!}(\cos c_2 \sin c_1 x^4+4\sin c_2 \cos c_1 x^3y+6\cos c_2 \sin c_1 x^2y^2+4\sin c_2 \cos c_1 xy^3-\cos c_2 \sin c_1 y^4)

Now, how do I estimate the error? I have to say that the error will be something like R_4\leq{}k, I have to find "k". Should I consider c_1=0.15, c_2=0.2? How do I proceed from there?

Bye and thanks for posting!