I just wonder how can I do (step by step) partially differentiating g_u(\vec x) with \vec x where \vec x = \vec 0


  • The displacement of node u is depicted as in the attached picture.
  • \vec r_e denotes the vector in the local coordinate of u that starts from u and ens at the tip of the arc e
  • r_0 is a constant value.
  • E(u) is a set of arc e which is attached to node u

g_u(\vec x)=\sum_{e\in E(u)}\left | \vec r_e - \vec x - r_0\frac{\vec r_e - \vec x}{\| \vec r_e - \vec x\|}\right |

How to partially differential this equation?-untitled.png

Actually, I already have the answer but I want to know step by step in solving this equation. Please help. Thank you in advance.

The answer is \nabla g_u(\vec 0) = \sum_{e\in E(u)} \left ( 1 - \frac{\vec r_0}{\| \vec r_e \|}\right )\frac{\vec r_0}{\| \vec r_e \|}