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Thread: perfect hyperbolic paraboloid cylinder

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    Jul 2010

    perfect hyperbolic paraboloid cylinder

    Find the equation for the surface of a Pringle (assuming it is a perfect hyperbolic paraboloid cylinder). Use cm for the units of distance. Include your measurements (to the nearest tenth of a cm), a diagram, and your computations.
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    Apr 2005
    Why? You've done just about everything you could to guarentee you won't get any help- you don't ask for help, you don't even ask a question- you just tell others to do this for you!

    I assume this is a home work problem but the whole point is for you to do it, not us! Do you understand that the values you get from measuring a "Pringles chip" will certainly be slightly different from what anyone else gets? And the formula will be slightly different? You teacher may well ask to see the chip you used as a model and to see your measurements and calculations. Someone else giving you the answer isn't likely to help you.
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