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Thread: Online study group for Calculus and various math subjects

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    Jul 2010

    Online study group for Calculus and various math subjects

    Hi, I'd like to start a study group that operates completely online for calculus and for other math subjects but I'm also trying to encourage others to do the same for various academic subjects. The current plan is to use free MIT videotaped lectures:
    and answer each other's questions about them in teamspeak 3 (, an online voice chat program, while being connected with a virtual whiteboard such as Scriblink - Your Online Whiteboard
    We would like both experienced and beginning students to join up. A few of us have a number of ideas of how this could play out with more than just this subject but we would like to start as soon as possible with Calculus. Contact me @ desk45z on skype or massuhsteve at

    You can also reach me on aim at lamp321

    You can find a list of members and similar classes here: List of Classes and Members contacts for Online Study Groups - The Zeitgeist Movement
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