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Thread: accuracy of Maclaurin Series

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    Apr 2009

    accuracy of Maclaurin Series

    using the first two terms of the Maclaurin series for y=cos(x) yields to within 0.001 over the interval |x| < k when k=
    (A) 0.032
    (B) 0.394
    (C) 0.786
    (D) 0.788
    (E) 1.570
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    Feb 2010
    The series for cosine is alternating, so the error is less than the next term (the third one) in magnitude, so you can have $\displaystyle {x^4\over4!} \leq 0.001$.

    As an afterthought, this is a dumb multiple choice question. Why not just always pick the smallest number?
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