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Thread: Highway cut problem?

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    Mar 2010

    Highway cut problem?

    Hey in the following problem I was wondering what would be the best way to go about solving it. Should I use a regression on my calculator to create an equation which can be used to find the answer? And what should I do after I have an equation?

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    Mar 2010
    No, the problem is not asking for you to find a function y=f(x).

    The volume of earth removed is the integral of the area of the vertical cross section times the width dx of that vertical cross section. The area will be a function of y, so you'll have:

    $\displaystyle \int_{0}^{600}A(y)\ dx$

    You use the table of y as a function of x to evaluate the integral numerically.

    Post again in this thread if you're still having trouble.
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